For anyone who has struggled with life’s
challenges and traumas – you are not alone
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About Paige

Paige Valdiserri has worked with clients suffering or recovering from chronic stress and trauma due to war zone episodes, terrorist attacks, natural disasters, medical or chronic illness, personal traumas, or intense professional or corporate settings.

Energetic Body DialogueSM

Paige has created a gentle treatment developed as part of her innovative Energetic Body Dialogue(SM) services enabling one to connect fully with their mind and body, restoring it to a healthy, functioning state, by releasing trauma from the body while simultaneously restructuring the thoughts and beliefs once associated with the trauma. Read more »


Expanding on her innovative EBD Services℠, and more than 15 years of practice, research, education and implementation, Paige Validiserri has created the AVOCA Traumatic Stress & Wellness Consultants LLC (TS&WC). The consultancy was co-founded early 2014 to bring together a group of practitioners and visionaries dedicated to enhancing wellness outcomes for individuals, programs, professionals and organizations worldwide, as well as expanding access to integrative care globally, nationally, locally and next door. The group offers services geared toward the unique needs of first responders, military, their families, women, those suffering from trauma and life challenges, individuals with medical conditions, and populations on the front lines of traumatic stress. Ms. Valdiserri’s innovative and pioneering approach has provided the foundation for the Integrative Healing and Training Center currently being developed by the Avoca TS&WC Team. The center will be based in Oro Valley Arizona, and will serve as a comprehensive model for complimentary care, program enhancement, individual empowerment and healing from the inside-out. To learn more about AVOCA TS&WC or the Integrative Healing & Training Center visit us online at »