For anyone who has struggled with life’s
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About Paige

Paige Valdiserri has worked with clients suffering or recovering from chronic stress and trauma due to war zone episodes, terrorist attacks, natural disasters, medical or chronic illness, personal traumas, or intense professional or corporate settings.

Energetic Body DialogueSM

Paige has created a gentle treatment developed as part of her innovative Energetic Body Dialogue(SM) services enabling one to connect fully with their mind and body, restoring it to a healthy, functioning state, by releasing trauma from the body while simultaneously restructuring the thoughts and beliefs once associated with the trauma. Read more »

News & Upcoming Events

Major Announcement Coming Soon!!

Big news coming from Paige and her partner Kathaleen Coyle on April 29. Hear it live on the radio at 12:45 local time, on, Tucson’s The Voice, 1030 am.

Tune into “The Shift” Radio Program with Paige

Tune in to listen to Paige talk about her new book and how to nurture the body, mind, spirit and your life on The Shift with Ana and Skip on May 7 at 9 AM PST.

Book Review for Messages From the Edge

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Conscious Talk Radio Interview with Paige

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Learn to cope and embrace a chronic illness diagnosis

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Paige Valdiserri responds to the just released NIH study on rising suicide rates in the military

The NIH has just released the largest study ever looking at suicide in the military. Among the key findings: the suicide rate in the military, historically far lower than the civilian figure, surpassed it in 2008 and has continued to climb. Having worked extensively with military personnel, both in Iraq and stateside, these findings do [...]