Messages From the Edge is dedicated to anyone who has struggled or is struggling with life’s challenges and traumas, or who is committed to their own self-growth and discovery. Paige’s gentle, clear and deceptively simple positive language reminds those in a dark time that they are not alone and that they can recover from a life event that may feel overwhelming.

In her work with clients, Paige found herself writing affirmations on colorful sticky notes. She encouraged her clients to place these healing mantras by their bedsides, bathroom mirrors, or anywhere else they would be seen, so that they could serve as daily guides and validations, and often as lifelines. As clients began to give these affirmations a name, they all coined the same name: Paigeisms.

What are Paigeisms?

They began with colorful sticky pads, phrases, and the label “sticky queen”—that was me. As the sticky queen, I was always writing phrases—mantras/affirmations—on colorful sticky notes for my clients. I encouraged my clients to place these healing mantras in areas where they often found themselves throughout their daily lives—by the bedside, on the bathroom mirror, in the car, in their purses or wallets, on the computer, at work, etc.—to act as daily reminders, guides, validations, and often as a lifeline.

What I began to see was that these mantras actually originated out of life themes, common threads that run through our lives, including my own. These themes encompassed many areas such as challenges, traumas, medical issues, diagnosis, fear of connecting, living and speaking your truth, abuse, death, loss, the unknown, everyday stressors, and the ongoing journey of self-growth and reflection.

After a while, spontaneously, and without knowing each other, my clients began talking about how well the stickies worked for them. They would talk about how, throughout their day, after constantly reading these mantras, they began to roll off their tongues more naturally. The new mantras began to replace the old thoughts, the circular thinking, and to create new insight and perspectives for whatever they were going through. They were comforted by the presence of their colorful sticky-note reminders and by the knowledge that attached to the notes was someone who truly cared and understood what it was like to travel those same roads—me. Even more unexpectedly, many of them began calling them by name. The same name.

They called them Paigeisms.

And Paigeisms they became—so named, not by me, but by the people who reaped and continue to reap the benefits in their lives. All credit and gratitude go to my wonderful clients for christening them. It is my hope that these Paigeisms will find a place in your daily life as comfort, reminders, guides, validations, and lifelines, so that you, too, will know that you are not alone.

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  • Have you forgiven yourself?

  • Who are you holding responsible for the void inside?

  • Every day, every hour, every second, every moment, YOU ARE ENOUGH!!

  • When this lifetime feels like too much to handle, hold on: know that the greater picture will unfold.

  • Your journey isn't so much what you accomplish on the outside as it is connecting to the path inside.

  • There is an inherent calling in all of us to seek our highest good - don't be afraid to follow it.

  • Let your candle burn brightly.  You don't have to dim it because others aren't shining as brilliantly.

  • Do you truly own your life's passion, or are you sitting on the sidelines, passively watching others own theirs?