Biodynamic Touch Therapy (BTT) Level 2


This level II class will teach you how to reduce the fight-flight response in the body and assist with improving brain function. You will be learning specific hand placements along the gut, extremities and the cranial vault. It should be noted, these techniques will allow you to conserve more of your own energy while still allowing the client to experience profound healing.

In this level II class you will learn:

  • Review BTT level I hand placements and Primary Respiration.
  • Review breath-work, grounding and client containers.
  • Introduction to Polyvagal Theory (The Vagus Nerve).
  • Understanding the Limbic system and its role in trauma.
  • Understanding the Autonomic Nervous System and its role.
  • Learn hand placements for the gut, extremities and cranial vault.

The class is a combination of lecture, discussion, demonstration and hands-on practitioner training time.

Location: Sacred Healing Hands Wellness Studio, 11155 Stratfield Court Marriottsville, MD

Date: October 28th & 29th, 2016 Hours: 9:00- 5:30PM

Cost: $300.00 Dress: Comfortable clothing

Prerequisite: Must have completed Level I before taking this class.

Certificate of Completion will be awarded.

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