THE Chakra connection to your VITAL organs, THEIR EMOTIONS, PHYSIOLOGY AND the Endocrine system

Please join Paige for an introductory workshop on the basic understanding of the chakras and the connection to their corresponding vital organs, health issues related to malfunctioning chakras and their connecting organs, how the Chinese body clock plays a part, healing and rebalancing techniques and finally its impact on your Endocrine system and how it relates to maximizing your personal health and well-being.
This workshop is open to non-practitioners and practitioners of every field.

This workshop will focus on the following objectives:
• Basic understanding of the 7 major chakras
• Basic understanding of the endocrine system and specific emotions connected to its vital organs.
• Signs, symptoms of functioning and malfunctioning chakras and the identification of the vital organs connected to each chakra
• Characteristics of each chakra
• Ailments of each chakra
• Healing and rebalancing techniques for each chakra
• Personal inventory to assess chakra function of class participants and strategy for strengthening
• Chinese body clock – organ, emotions, & chakras associated with specific hours of the day.

*In addition, attendees will receive hands-on experience practicing Kundalini yoga poses, mantras, energy points and be given nutritional foods that help strengthen and support the Endocrine system, its chakras and their corresponding organs.

Date: TBA
Time: 9:00-2:00p.m.
Location: 1271 W. Cherasco Way, Oro Valley AZ 85755
Dress: casual, flexible clothing for movement
Cost: $99.00
Lunch: Please bring a lunch as we will be eating together at the location. Microwave, fridge, etc., will be available to all attendees.

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