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  • THE Chakra connection to your VITAL organs, THEIR EMOTIONS, PHYSIOLOGY AND the Endocrine system

    THE Chakra connection to your VITAL organs, THEIR EMOTIONS, PHYSIOLOGY AND the Endocrine system

    Please join Paige for an introductory workshop on the basic understanding of the chakras and the connection to their corresponding vital organs, health issues related to malfunctioning chakras and their connecting organs, how the Chinese body clock plays a part, healing and rebalancing techniques and finally its impact on your Endocrine system and how it relates to maximizing your personal health and well-being. This workshop is open to non-practitioners and practitioners of every field.

  • Biodynamic Touch Therapy Level 1

    Biodynamic Touch Therapy Level 1

    Are you ready to be the conduit for your clients’ most profound healing? If so, then welcome to Biodynamic Touch Therapy (BTT) – a non-invasive, non-manipulative body-therapy that goes right to the core issues instead of treating symptoms on the periphery.

  • Biodynamic Touch Therapy Level 2

    Biodynamic Touch Therapy Level 2

    This level II class will teach you how to reduce the fight-flight response in the body and assist with improving brain function. You will be learning specific hand placements along the gut, extremities and the cranial vault. It should be noted, these techniques will allow you to conserve more of your own energy while still allowing the client to experience profound healing.


  • I have experienced deep insights and profound physical and emotional healingRead More 

    S Edson
  • As I began to work with Paige, she helped me to apply her EBD technique to ground myself and regain balance in my life. Her intuitive and direct approach has helped me to face issues in my life that can be easier to ignore, as well as to recognize that care of myself is necessary in order for me to be my best for others. Read More 

    Mary C.
  • She helped me do what no other psychologist has been able to help me do; take care of myself. Rather than focusing our energy on where my problems started and how destructive they are, she focused our energy on my body and the present. Read More 

    C.H. (Exercise Physiologist, Vancouver, Canada)
  • I have been amazed at the revelations I am uncovering with her help. Read More 

    DL Business Owner
  • Working with Paige will get you where you need to be, but she always leaves the destination in your hands. She's a life-changer!Read More 

    Terri S. Washington, DC
  • I’ve done a wide variety of types of counseling and energy/bodywork over the years, and Paige’s bag of tricks is full of great things! She has helped me make some big shifts, but even better, she has performed miracles with my husband, who has had some pretty significant emotional blocks that were taking their toll on […]Read More 

    Anita Summers
  • I would highly recommend Paige to all of my fellow First Responders. Paige understands the culture of First Responders and the Military. Read More 

    Sgt. J.P. McMichael – Law Enforcement Officer
  • My recent retreat with Paige in Tuscon, AZ has reframed my life by providing wisdom and clarity on how to connect to my authentic self. Read More 

  • Paige not only uncovered what was holding me back but helped me to heal these issues so I could again move forward. Her belief in my being able to heal inspired me to delve into places I didn't even know existed.Read More 

    William Summers II